The "ItemKeeper" is a smart app for both iPhone and Android that has these features, Calendar / Categorizing / Notification / Shooting with camera. You can check your item's expiration (ex. preserved foods, rental items, coupon tickets), and the app remind you of item's out of stock. And it has the data takeover function for your data too. So if you will change your cell-phone, you will not need to redo the item registration.

App Introduction

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ItemKeeper has below features.
  • Calendar base registration, it's very easy
  • Not only due date management, but also the stock management of items
  • Item name is option, image only OK
  • It is useful that category management, and category is able to change later
  • You can heck target of today expiration by Information screen.
  • Available on iPhone/iPad/Android
  • It is purchase option that Data sharing with your family
  • You can restore data from iPhone to Android and conversely


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